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Our Clients

GIH provides international consulting services for multinational clients and companies located in Eastern and Western Europe, including Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. Our clientele including investors and international traders across a wide range of industries, from corporate clients to private equity.

GIH is a independent consultancy firm dedicated to providing high quality, safe and cost-effective services to clients, who are mainly in the gas and oil, telecommunication, construction (commercial and residential) and trade & distribution industries.

We’ve built dedicated teams around each industry we serve, tapping professionals who have spent years in senior positions with leading companies. Their experience brings a strategic and practical perspective on what works — and what doesn’t. Our teams include high-profile professionals who are widely recognized as leaders in their industries, bringing the profound knowledge and cutting-edge insight required to meet today’s biggest challenges.

We understand the importance of relationships and realize that there is no "one size fits all" approach to clients. We take the time to learn about each client and tailor an approach designed to help each client achieve their definition of success.