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What We Do

At GIH we work with you to understand your business goals, competitors and changing market conditions to help you better align your resources, practices and strategies. We work with senior management to resolve tough issues every company faces.

At GIH we use our experience in marketing, public relations, financial management and business strategy to craft multi-dimensional approaches to growing your business. GIH leverages its unique intellectual capital to help domestic and international companies of all sizes find innovative solutions to corporate challenges. We focus on driving tangible results while making the companies we serve more visible, more capable and more profitable. We work in a hands-on way with your team to help ascertain problem areas and avenues for improvement.

Our objective is to grow your business. We provide consulting strategies and solutions to help increase efficiency, enhance market penetration and create value in strategic planning. GIH completes a competitive analysis and leverages the power of information to adjust marketing, performance and resource allocation to ensure you hit your growth targets.

GIH works with top management in tackling their most difficult and unique business development, marketing and financial challenges. GIH's consultants design and structure appropriate consulting or project management training addressing those specific needs at each level of the organization. This can be as basic as introducing project management tools and techniques to new managers, or as complex as assisting a company's transition into a true project-based company. This emphasis on global project management, that is, consistent, cross-functional project management application at all levels of the organization on a global basis, is GIH's speciality. GIH's international corporate policy to customize its programs further demonstrates its commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction.

GIH most important products:

  • IDEA